ISOVerse is an artificial intelligence aggregator.
Apply industry leading ai engines to the real world.

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Enabling millions of users world wide to create digital versions of themselves, businesses or anything else they can imagine, using industry leading ai engines.

ISO is more than geofencing

ISO utilizes Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain Technology to provide a complete future proof experience. The Zones you create hold value that can be bought, sold or leased in a fully functioning economy.

The Personal ISO

Take a selfie with your augmented reality ISO! Put your Face on the side of the highway or building you love. Now is your chance to become an extended version of yourself.

The Business ISO

Your services are no longer limited to your physical location. Drop an ISO anywhere that promotes your products and service worldwide or just outside your front door.

The Memorial ISO

Stop scratching memories into stone with 20 characters or less. Stand up an augmented reality image to remember a loved one, memory, or a thought.

The PayPlace ISO

With a new form of advanced authentication, you can leave money for anyone or that specific someone for a specific purpose. ISOLock and chat based verification is the safest way to leave money for someone.

Recruiting & Resumes

Are you still sending resumes nobody will read? Send your ISO instead. An augmented reality version of yourself that can answer questions and promote you.

Mortal ai Market Place

ISO utilizes an ai Marketplace with hundreds of ai engines to provide the most accurate represenation of you in ISO.

ISO Economy

You earn ISO coin just by downloading the free app. You can rent or sell your ISOZones. You can be anything you want in ISO and get paid doing it.

AI Engine Submit

Do you have an ai engine? Would you like to feature your ai engine in ISO? Click here and submit for review. Your ai engine could be live in less than 24 hours.

ISO Gold Rush

Imagine if you could have purchased some of the first internet domains. Imagine if you had purchased that property years ago. Now is your chance in ISO.


A combination of half a dozen revolutionary technologies.
ISO is an augmented reality combined with artificial intelligence 3.0, geofencing, synthetic collaborative intelligence, and cryptocurrency to bring forward a brave new world of online interaction.
Over 30 years of bleeding edge financial technology experience with dozens of patents. Built straight from Source.

Business ISOZones

Within ISO you may visit or create ISOZones that represent a business, it's product or services. They may be represented by a billboard or an avatar. In either case, they may have a unique ai brain installed.

Where Coins Come True

PayPlace™ technology ties crytocurrency to a physical location in the world using more than just a password. Our PayPlace ai gurantees your customer is present and engaged.

ABOUT PayPlace™

Got coin?
Only if you know where to stand.

There are times when money demands context. If you want your customers to collect cash at any specific location in the world - PayPlace™ IsoZones are your solution!.

A reflection of you.

Personal ISOMorphs represent you or your ideas. Create an ISOMorph avatar or billboard that speaks your message through the most advanced ai in the world.

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